Descendant of the mythical XR600

The XR600 was initially developed in the United States for Honda by Al Baker. The goal was to design the ideal bike to win desert races like the famous Baja 1000. Well born, the XR invented by Baker and updated in its 1988 version proved to be the ultimate off road machine, winning both desert races and Enduro GNCC ran in the woods on the East coast. After winning countless victories in it's racing career, the bike still exists at the Honda catalogue in a version slightly softened but equipped with an electric starter. Timeless, indestructible, the XR is a legend. Her figure should be used on the road signs! Riding in the US on a XR650L, you'll be riding in the footsteps of the greatest champions in the middle of the huge blank American plains. That adds the weight of history to the thrill of the adventure!

A very special XR650L

After intensive testing in California, in both the desert of Joshua Tree National Park and the mountains of Big Bear, our XR650L has changed in depth. The ultimate test, the full route of the Continental Divide in 2017, has proven the merits of our solutions. In fact, our XR is like no other, even if we did nothing to improve the 650cc engine known for its reliability. Its 42 horses and 51 Nm of torque seems sufficient to us and make the bike super easy to handle. But on the other hand, we made many improvements in terms of autonomy and comfort. Here's a detailed overview…

IMS tank

Doubling the capacity of gasoline without broadening the bike, the IMS tank gives a better mileage and improve safety: shatterproof, translucent to show the level of gasoline remaining permanently, this tank is a must.

Renthal handlebar

Higher, wider, straighter and finally stronger than the original handlebars, the Renthal RC22 raise the riding comfort to another level. The center will receive GPS, SPOT, GoPro, watch...

Special raisers

We therefore machined aluminum raisers using a CNC machine. The standing position becomes very natural and there is no more harm to the neck when riding many hours.

RTech handguards

A classical but essential accessory that protects from branches, projections of stone, and a bit of the cold. If you fall, the levers are also protected.

IMS Footpegs

Very broad, the IMS Rally footpegs facilitate support and prevent pain in the foot plants when you ride a long day standing up.

Ricochet Skidplate

These aluminum skid plates are real armors that will protect the engine and help you finish the adventure no matter the conditions “even” if you lay the bike on big rocks…

Mosko Moto 40L bags

These five flexible, waterproof and removable bags can take the necessary and let you access your last tools without having to remove all the other stuff loaded in the bike.

USB charging

Keep your smartphone loaded thanks to the USB port we installed at the rear of the bike. Always ready for a photo, your phone stores the memories of that magic trip!

Set and connected GPS

The 78 Marine GPS by Garmin is waterproof and powered by a specific cable mounted on the handlebars. Thus equipped, no risk of getting lost and you keep the opportunity to ride at your own pace with your buddies!

Option: Spot SatelliteOption SPOT GEN 3

Be able to send your position and messages to your loved ones with the Spot tracker, even when there's no data network available! This satellite device also offers the possibility of being rescued. You keep it at the end of the trip.

Tires Dunlop D606

These multi-purpose tyres are able to take the trip as a whole. Their big nobs provide good traction on all types of terrain and are still great on the road, even in wet conditions. Safety and performance you expected!

Torquey engine

XR650L pot Yoshimura engine
This indestructible engine of 650cc enhanced with Yoshimura exhaust, Uni filter and tuned carburation delivers 44hp. You can count on his torque and reliability to help you accomplish your journey through the wild open spaces of the west.

Our very special XR650L is ready for adventure. Are you?