Embark on a voyage of 4 400 km is the promise of riding daily on unknown terrain, in new landscapes. The route follows closely the Continental Divide,geological line dividing the continent, and which distributes rainwater between Pacific and Atlantic.
But this crossing North – South is also a road that follows the story of the United Statesas it goes through the former Indian territories previously occupied by the Apache, Navajo, Comanche, Cheyenne, to cite the most famous known. There is no more Indian tribes here, but we'll meet cross cowboys. These are perhaps descendants of the pioneers who rushed in Colorado or Montana looking for gold ! In short, this adventure immerses you at the heart of the real Wild Westa preserved country place still looking like it was two hundred years ago, with the herds of cattle left free in the plains…
The list below gives you a glimpse of what awaits you in this paradise the size of Europe. Of course, the exact path can change slightly according to the wishes of the group of riders and depending of the weather, but the points of departure and arrival of each day will remain the same, the options on the spot being limited anyway. Study the track, dream a little, then get started, the adventure is calling you!

RAID XR Adventures USA South – North, from July 9th to 22nd, 2018

Riders interested in riding the North-South raid from July 27th to August 9th can read the steps up from the bottom. The info are the same, the mileage also!

Day 1: arrival in Tucson, Arizona

Arrival in Tucson (Arizona) and accommodation at the hotel. Evening dinner with guides and other riders. With 8h jet lag, most riders will go to bed early, but not without having made acquaintance with everyone!

Tucson accommodations: Motel near the airport

> New Mexico “Land of Enchantment”

Day 2: Antelope Wells – Silver City: 200 km

Transfer by car from Tucson to Antelope Wells, the border post between USA and Mexico.
Each one takes possession of his motorcycle, check its settings will start the long ride to the North. The track runs along the road in the middle of desert plains before briefly taking the highway. After a few minutes, it's the end of the pavement and you start riding on the dirt. this stage is not technical and allows you to become familiar with your motorcycle.

Silver City accommodations: Motel

Day 3: Silver City – Grants: 430 km

This second day of riding will be the longest stage of the trip! After bit of pavement, we plunge in dark forests, climb some hills before crossing green plains… We meet the pick-up truck to refuel and take a snack in the middle of nowhere. Then, we ride again for 4 to 5 hours. In total, 430 km without seing anybody around... The track is easy at first, but depending on the weather, can become very slippery and muddy. …

Night and dinner in Grants – Motel

Day 4: Grants – Abiquiu Lake: 321 km

Still a long day, with more technical paths. It starts with rocks in the forest, then beautiful fast trails with countless corners. In the afternoon, the course becomes more of a downright enduro in the forest, with rough descents on miles. It will be hard to finish before the night…

Night and dinner in Abiquiu Lake – Camping

> Colorado, in search of altitude…

Day 5: Abiquiu Lake – The Garita: 270 km

A fairly easy day with a bit of road, beautiful tracks that run alongside rivers and a first ascent in altitude. We cross our first pass at 12 000 ft (i.e. 4 000 meters). Follows is a long descent with forests of birch and relatively early arrival at the campsite.

Night and dinner in La Garita – Camping


Day 6: La Garita – Salida: 220 km

This day can be oriented according to the desires of the group. You have the choice between a route long enough but easy, with a beautiful view of the surrounding summits. Another option, a variant with a technical climb on the highest possible peak, is 4 300 meters. Hard but the view is unforgettable. Finally, you can opt for the passage in the Valley before getting back on the Summit. GLC atmosphere guaranteed! See for yourself, but in all cases, it will be a hard day…

Night and dinner in Salida – Hotel

Day 7: Salida – Kremmling: 258 km

An easy day to recover from the efforts of the day before, but we will however cross a pass at 4000 meters. Then we have a bit of pavement, through small ski resorts towns, ideal for a hot meal and some shopping.

Night and dinner in Kremmling – Camping


Day 8: Kremmling – Rawlins: 350 km

Great tracks that make the connection between Colorado and Wyoming. After admiring the Clark steam locomotives, we take go back on the dirt. This will be the last day in the mountains before descending into Wyoming. Beautiful ranches are to admire in the late afternoon as well as some gold mines. At night, we sleep in Wyoming.

Night and dinner in Rawlins – Hotel

> Wyoming, in rally mode

Day 9: Rawlins – Pinedale: 370 km

A day that will appeal to rally fans. It starts in the desert with sandy tracks and some oil wells. It continues with a firmer texture and a fabulous grip. Rolled hundreds of turns, we enquille lines straight handles in the corner. The desert in his more playful version!

Night and dinner in Pinedale – Camping

Day 10: Pinedale – Island Park: 385 km

Dirt road in bottom of Valley, before climbing on the Highlands. It's gorgeous and you see a lot of cattle. we then cross Grand Teton National Park hitting the road, but we quickly escapes through dirt tracks in the forest. In the evening, after going through immense fields of wheat, we arrive in Idaho following a rather technical former railroad.…

Night and dinner in Island park – Hotel

> From Idaho to Montana

Day 11: Island Park – Wise River: 354 km

Large easy gravel roads to rest after yesterday, but there's still the option to opt for single-track on the summits. The herds are numerous in the region and we will see cowboys.

Night and dinner in Wise River – Camping


> Montana, the HomeStretch

Day 12: Wise River – Seeley Lake: 400 km

The day begins with a big climb. Nothing is impossible, but you better open the gas! Then, the path is just gorgeous, with beautiful river crossings, huge forests and beautiful glades. Arrival in the mining town of Butte allows to eat at Sparky's Garage, a pretty amazing restaurant…
Night and dinner in Lakeside campground – Camping

Day 13: Seeley Lake – Canadian Border: 370 km

It's the last day of bike, in the forests of Montana. Tracks in gravel, small lakes, no technique, we can ride with a bit of nostalgia. There are several options to reach the border, according to the mood of the group, including a fairly typical in the depths of the Woods. The end of day is done on the bitumen to Kalispell, so much it's good to take our time!

Night and dinner in Kalispell – Hotel

Day 14: Kalispell – France

Transfer to the airport of Kalispell (Montana). Arrival in Europe the next day.

For those who choose the second stay, this day will be the first one, and then the steps are to read up. Both directions are the same level of difficulty, it's the weather that will make the difference. And who can say what it will look like?…